Taste of
Sri Lanka


We supply organic high quality products in Whole Sale, Branded or White Labelled.


Available in the forms of whole seed and decorticated cardamom.

Ceylon Tea

Our tea selection consists of graded tea including Organic & Green tea value added tea with different flavours packed in customised Cartons.


Cinnamon is often used to spice up chocolates, deserts and beverages but also for alcohol flavouring and medicine. We offer Ceylon Cinnamon in the forms of: M5 CUT 5 Inches,M4 CUT 5 Inches, H2 CUT 5 Inches


Are provided as whole or as powder.

Desiccated Coconut

We have Desiccated Coconut with different grades such as D /C Low Fat, D/C High Fat, Toasted D/C, Super Fine, Chips

Maldive Fish

Available in whole fish, chips or in powder forms.


We deliver superior quality and pungent Pepper products as forms of black pepper, white pepper, green pepper, pepper oil or pepper powder for your culinary dishes.

Sea Cucumber

We provide dehydrated sea cucumber

Virgin Coconut Oil

100% pure Virgin Coconut oil in different volumes.