For good ideas and true innovation, you
need human
interaction, conflict, argument, debate.


We are working with our global partners to enhance our global reach to serve better


Recently we have signup a global partnership agreement with Alibaba group, world’s largest b2b trading platform with over 100 Mn registered members.


Board PAC is an iPad based boardroom automation solution for boards of directors. It enables Board Directors to access and approve Board & Committee Papers and supplementary information directly on to their iPad.


Asian International Academy is a unique educational establishment with three core values at heart Innovation, Equality and Contemporary. AIA offers you the opportunity to read for following Local and International academic programs and many more.


Anova engineering partners with AET Flexible Space to provide underfloor A/C systems to large-scale buildings. AET Underfloor A/C systems saves time and money while enhancing the re-configurability of the building.

Corpus Medici

Web portal exclusive for medical professionals facilitating continuous medical and distance learning, making academic events and materials available for doctors online.

All Asia Institute

We deliver comprehensive training for selected Professional and Academic programes Online & Offline Subject & level based lectures, Instructor-led seminars, online training and testing facilities.